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Thursday, 6 October 2011

New Camera Trap Images from the CCF Ecology Team.

Well, spring is definitely in the air here at CCF. All the trees are starting to sprout new green leaves, there are baby Oryx, Eland and Zebra around and we even had our first few drops of rain last week (though barely enough to really count though).

Suzie, a year-long volunteer from Cardiff University in the UK has taken over checking our cheetah census camera traps every week as well as downloading and sorting through all the photos. She is doing a great job and everything seems to be going well. Here are a few recent camera traps photos featuring a leopard, an aardvark and some eland calves.

As far as the data side of the census is concerned we are currently also being assisted by a number of school classes and students in the US who are currently helping us enter some of data from the cheetah census. Matti is currently working on identifying all the different cheetahs we’ve had come to our play trees in the past year of our census; this is a big job, but we are excited to see how many different cheetahs we have in the area.

Otherwise, we are continuing with our on-going projects like game counts and keeping tabs on our resident wild cheetah Hi-Fi, but also spending a lot of time in the office catching up with paper work, data entry and analysis as well as preparing for the next Earthwatch group and the upcoming cheetah release.
Well thanks about it for now.

Kat Forsythe

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