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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Amazing Days at CCF for the Amazing Kids Private School

Amazing Kids meet the OK Cubs.
Eleven months ago the Amazing Kids Private School from Windhoek visited the Cheetah Conservation Fund and participated in an education program. This is when they first heard about the story of the Okakarara Cubs, the so called OK Cubs, which were two months old at the time. These children were so touched by the story of the OK Cubs that on the last day of their program they decided to sponsor their favourite cub, Tiger Lily. After months of collecting sponsor money, 32 children and three teachers (3) came back for a four-day program on the 19 September.

During this program the children learned more about cheetahs, Namibia, and CCF. On the first day the group went out for a nature-trail walk. This walk leads the children through CCF farmland to teach them more about the flora and fauna species of Namibia. On this walk they also looked for scat samples and learned from which species this could be. The museum tour allowed the children to learn more about the ecology, biology, and history of the cheetah as well as the role that CCF plays in conservation worldwide. On the predator 'preyground', a playground that allows visitors to take the role of a predator and their prey and test their skills of survival, the kids conquered the actions of predators and their prey. Furthermore, they saw cheetahs run from a close distance and went to the goat kraal where they learned more about the importance of the livestock guarding dogs. They even got the chance to meet seven-week old Anatolian puppies who are future livestock guarding dogs.
Tiger Lily with her new sponsors.
On Wednesday the children and teachers got to meet the four OK cubs and greet their sponsored cub Tiger Lily. They donated N$1000 for Tiger Lily and the cause of CCF. In the near future, the Amazing Kids Private School will continue sponsoring their favourite cub Tiger Lily, because they understand the need for conservation of the cheetah and want to help with the cause.

CCF and Tiger Lily would like to thank the Amazing Kids Private School, Windhoek, for their support to continue our work in conservation and education.

Our thanks also to CCF's Patricia Munene and Ignatius Davids, who led this effort, and to student intern from Holland, Marieke Reijneker for her help.

Cheetah purr to all!


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