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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Cheetah Annual Examinations 2012

As in past years, the CCF team did  annual health examinations on CCF’s resident cheetahs this month.  The cheetahs were brought to the clinic individually for various sample collections, for example, blood, vaginal swabs, semen for sperm study and preservation.  These samples will be analysed to assess the current health of all our captive cheetahs and any abnormality can be picked up and treated accordingly.  Vaccinations and parasite treatments were also done to maintain good health.  All the procedures went well and all cheetahs are in good health. We will be posting updates on some individual cheetahs.


We have included some photos showing the team listening to the cheetah’s heart and lungs; veterinarian Gabriella Flacke performing kidney ultrasound; dental assessment of crowded lower incisors; and sperm freezing in process.


Thank you


Rosie Glazier, DVN 

Veterinary Nurse

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