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Friday, 27 April 2012

Tigerlily's First Medical Checkup

One of the medical checkups we did this month was on ambassador cheetah Tigerlily, now 20 months old. She was brought to the clinic on 6 April and, as it is customary with all workups, a thorough health exam was performed including blood collection, transponder placement, measurements, kidney ultrasound and a good listen to the heart and lungs.

She was also treated for a recent growth on her right front leg. Based on appearance, the growth could be a benign nerve tumour or an abscess. The mass was removed and skin closed and we will await the lab results from Idexx in South Africa. She then received prophylactic antibiotics and pain medication. Tigerlily recovered well and was soon back in her pen with her three siblings. Her sister Senay was anaesthetized the following day, while brothers Peter and Kaijay had their procedure a few days later. Everyone is doing great.

Below are some photos during and after Tigerlily's workup and one of the four siblings enjoying a beautiful day at CCF. 

Rosie Glazier, DVN
Veterinary Nurse

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