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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Intern Story - Caroline Dumartinet

My name is Caroline Dumartinet. I am a French vet student from the Veterinary School of Nantes (west part of France) called ONIRIS.

I came to CCF for a 2-month internship in order to discover wildlife, especially cheetahs. I learned a lot about these gorgeous animals and also a lot about conservation! But coming here was also an opportunity for me to work with all kinds of animal; not only the cheetahs but dogs, horses, and goats too. As a vet student, it was a really good practice to be confronted to all these species; so a big thank you tol the vet team I worked with (Hollis, Caz and Amelia).

During my stay at CCF, I worked on a project about dairy goat nutrition. I tried to figure out a new diet for them so they could produce more milk in the future. This project allowed me to apply what I learned in France but it also allowed me to work with local people. It was really enriching because they shared their knowledge with me and I am very grateful.

Coming here was a great way to improve my English because I met people from everywhere (UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, Japan…) and I heard so many stories and discovered different lifestyles.

I have a had great time here even though it was not always easy to be far from my family and friends but I will always remember this trip and CCF ! I know that I will miss a lot of things here (wildlife, landscapes, people…), so I am sure that I will come back one day to discover as many things as I can about this wonderful country that is Namibia.

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