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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Upcoming Blog Series

Last year I wrote a series of blogs (the A-Z of camera trap photos) about some of the many other animals that can be found on CCF's extensive lands.  This year I plan to extend the series, again using camera trap photos as the basis.

African Crested Porcupine
One of CCF's greatest strengths as a conservation organisation is that we don't simply try to save the cheetah on it's own.  Unless you plan to wall them all up in a zoo, such indeed would ultimately be impossible.  Instead then, we look at the whole picture, the complete ecosystem in which the cheetahs exist.  In so doing, we impact that entirety, helping to save species with no conservation fund of their own, species that, in many cases have barely been heard of by the majority of people, let alone the fact that they too are threatened with extinction.

This blog is therefore dedicated to not the Big Five, or the Big Seven, or the other household names, but the forgotten ones, the species that without the support of organisations like CCF could so eerily disappear for ever, unremarked, unmissed save by the ecosystem that relies on them.

African Wildcat

Each blog entry will discuss a species listed on the IUCN Redlist, that also occurs on CCF land.  I'll look at the threats they face, their current status, and where possible, an outline of what can be done to save them.  The blog is not intended to depress you, but rather to help open your eyes to the wealth of Africa's wildlife, and to show you what delights await those who venture off the beaten track.  With your help, such will remain for our children and children's children to enjoy, equally as we can.

Rob Thomson
CCF Ecologist 

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