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Friday, 23 April 2010

Chewbaaka not doing very well...

HI – have been back and forth with phone calls this morning about Chewbaaka – he has gone downhill over the past couple days and was anesthetized today for kidney problems -  I got an urgent email this morning from Anais (our vet tech) and fortunately she contacted our friend vet at the National Zoo and decided to give fluid therapy immediately – so as I got the message, Chewbaaka was already in the clinic.  It sounds like he will be OK for a bit – we know that with his age that this was coming.  But, now we will have to monitor him closely.    He apparently vomited a couple days ago and then went off his food and was drinking a lot of water.  He was dehydrated. So,  he should be OK until Bruce gets back home at the end of next week – but this is very worrisome and I hate being so far away from him when he is not feeling well.  

Besides that, the last couple days have been a whirlwind. We arrived in California and have been at talks, media and more lunches and dinners.  Yesterday was the big day at the USC campus – I gave a talk, had an interview with Voice of America yesterday and will do NPR today. Tonight is the big Tyler Awards dinner.  Hope to be less tired today – the last couple days have been exhausting!

The Tyler Committee is made up of great and nice ecologists from many different universities and other environmental groups.  They have treated us really nice.  Stuart Pimm, the other award recipieng, is also very nice and funny.    




  1. Grace6:40 am

    Prayers and Positive thoughts for Chewbaaka. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was at CCF in 2002. A fantastic cat that has reached so many people to tell the story of the cheetah. My thoughts with you Laurie.

  2. Poor Chewbaaka. Hopefully the fluid therapy will give him a boost. All the best to him and I'm sorry you're away from him. Always seems to be like that, at least it is with my felines!

  3. Anonymous8:52 am

    We really hope that Chewbaaka will be better very soon... we know how important he is in the heart of Laurie!
    AkaroA association, from France

  4. Marisol12:48 pm

    I hope Chewbaaka gets better soon! He is such a beautiful cat. My prayers are with you and him

  5. Anonymous4:28 am

    I am storming the gates of heaven with prayers for our boy Chewbaaka. Most of all, I hope that he feels better and that Laurie can get home to him soon. True love comes rarely in a lifetime....