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Sunday, 4 April 2010

NamibRand Cheetahs - update as of 3/4/2010

The boys have done another of their long treks this week, exploring the extent of the reserve to the north and east, then as far south as the Losberg (map).  They both begun and ended their treks as the old holding pens, and appear to have passed close to Keerweder in the early hours of the 27th.  On several occasions they spent many hours in the same location.  

Meantime, the female has moved north again, right off of Hammerstein and onto the farm of Neuhof Noord.  As of midday on 30/March she was 10 km NE of the NRNR boundary and 7 km E of the C19.  She was last on this farm in early December 2009 and unfortunately this is not a good farm for her to be found on. We’ll keep an eye on her movements.


PS: We received a clarification from NamibRand with good news. The farm Neuhof is now in the hands of new “conservation minded” owners and the cheetahs should be safe there. The new owner plans to make conservation their primary land use.

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