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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Update from Laurie

Worked on 5 more of our cheetahs today – Our dominant male, Omdilo, who lives in a coalition of 4 male cheetahs - had great sperm!   

I worked on a major grant today – got it finished and sent off.
We have the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) annual certification going on with Bruce and Matti very involved all day with this. Its huge and our entire CCF operation is certified (this is for BushBlok).   

We put cheetah orphan cub RohiniTalaha in with cheetah Polly. They did very well.  Polly batted her on the head a few times, but gently. Rohini followed closely behind Polly but staying submissive.  

I leave tomorrow for Windhoek – I have Good Morning Namibia TV program on Thursday morning, then our Conservancy Association of Namibia Annual General Meeting all day Thursday. Friday I go to a Peace Corps swearing in for new volunteers (we get one – Diana). Then I am back home.   

I leave for the US on Monday.     


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  1. Anonymous4:03 am

    Thanks Laurie, i always look forward to hearing your news.