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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Quick update from Namibia

Worked on 4 of our resident cheetahs today – littleC was 1st and he was in good health, however, his sperm quality was low from last year.  Kate, one of our cheetah research assistants, was able to bank some sperm in our Genome Recourse Bank (GRB).   

One of our resident orphan cheetahs, Bella – had a very abnormal looking stomach so we endoscoped her as her and found alot of grass in her stomach. She will stay in a more controlled camp tomorrow so we can monitor her to make sure she is passing her feces properly.   

I worked on a lot of different issues today – a big issue is my  travels to the USA next month. I look forward to meeting many cheetah friends when I am in USA.    



  1. Anonymous4:52 pm

    A quick question--are all the resident cheetahs of both sexes unneutered/unspayed? If so, does this ever cause a problem when the females go into estrus?

  2. Anonymous5:13 pm

    A couple more questions: LittleC's sperm quality--was it different from last year on the basis of sperm motility, abnormal sperm morphology, both, or other criteria? Do you use a computer-assisted analyzer for this before banking the sperm?

  3. Linda Rock-Paul3:21 am

    saw a note about Lincoln Nebraska - will Laurie be there?? My son Jon is the one who sent you the fuzzy "save the cheetah" bookmarks & would love to meet you if you are close by (we live about an hour away)

  4. When you have direct questions, would you mind writing directly to us through our web site?

  5. Hi Anonymous:
    None of our resident cheetahs are neutered or spayed. And they all live with same-sex pen mates.

  6. Hi Anonymous, about your detailed question on littleC's sperm quality, I am sorry but we don't have more information at this point. Quality is compared on last year's numbers, but the specifics have not been released to me. If you do need this information for specific purposes, please contact us via our web site or at

  7. Linda, Laurie will be in Nebraska on the 6th May. Please keep an eye on our web site's events calendar for information, which will be posted as soon as it becomes available.