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Saturday, 26 February 2011

The CCF Vet gives us an update on Chewbaaka.

Yesterday morning, the morning after his anaesthetic, Chewbaaka ate very well and we medicated him with an anti-inflammatory to ease his pain as well as some stomach orange-flavoured suspension which is used to protect the stomach from ulceration. He is urinating well but we are still waiting to see if his defaecation is normal.

Although there are no open wounds, we have put him on a short course of antibiotics in case there was any minor internal injuries and to reduce any risk of secondary infection. We have kept him on some anti-inflammatories for the past few days to keep him comfortable but today will be his last day as we do not want to over-do the medications due to his poor kidney function and the risk of gastric ulceration which can occur with long-term anti-inflammatory use. Also, he is now no longer so keen to eat his orange-flavoured stomach protecting solution.

He ate again today and is generally alert, breathing well and interested in his environment. He is still quite stiff when walking particularly on his left side but I am fairly confident that there are no serious internal injuries and that he should hopefully make a good recovery in time. Unfortunately extensive bruising does take some time to heal properly but the pain should ease in the next few days. So for now we are just keeping him as comfortable and happy as possible.

Kind regards
Anna Haw (CCF's Vet)


  1. Sherri Meyer6:21 am

    I'm so glad to hear he is doing better... Thank you for taking the time to fill us in on the details. Will there be any complications from the kudu having had rabies? -- Sherri

  2. Sherri, we don't think Chewbaaka is infected with rabies, but we are watching him very closely. Thanks! Patricia

  3. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Another big thank you for all this good news. Since two days, the first thing I do by turning my pc is to get news about Chewbaaka. Thank you for these updates and full of tenderness and Chewbaaka for your team. Micheline

    Encore un grand merci pour toutes ces bonnes nouvelles. Depuis 2 jours, la première chose que je fais en allumant mon pc, c'est de prendre des nouvelles de Chewbaaka. Merci pour ces mises à jour et plein de tendresse pour Chewbaaka et pour toute votre équipe. Micheline