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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

CCF's Breeding Dogs Update

It’s the rainy season in Namibia and CCF's new puppies are growing nearly as fast as the weeds! Aleya, the eldest of the four, is now more legs than dog and promises to become an elegant Kangal when she grows into those legs! Chino (photo - left) is an exceptionally affectionate little Anatolian who greets us with enthusiasm every morning and patiently endures being checked for ticks. Our French duo, Firat and Feliz (below), have quickly become part of the dog/livestock family. This is especially true for young Firat who never wants to leave his herd and howls when separated from them. These four young dogs represent a bright future for CCF's Livestock Guarding Dog programme, so their excellent progress as working dogs is especially encouraging. This coming year, we will continue to breed our adult dogs and hope to produce four litters: two from our Anatolian females, Uschi and Penda, and litters for the first time from our two Kangals, Cazgir and Hediye.


Gail and Carolyn
Livestock Guarding Dog Programme

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