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Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Cheetah Friend visits Erindi!

Long-time friend and supporter from Germany, Gertrud Dingermann (photo above with Bruce and Laurie), recently visited CCF and took a side trip to Erindi to look for Chanel and the Chocolates --remember? The five females re-introduced there in early January this year. Here is Gertrud's report:

I left CCF and went to Erindi. Maybe I told you about me going there? I learned about them only in January when they "adopted" the Chocolate-sisters and Chanel.I promised Laurie to send photos if I'd see them.

Well, I did see them on a "Cheetah-Walk" the Erindi people organized. It was a VERY windy day so the four of them obviously didn't feel like getting up but rather crouched under a bush. Because of the wind there were very little other animals, game that is, to see so they couldn't/wouldn't hunt anyway. But Henco (the Erindi guide keeping track of the cheetah girls as you know) told me they were often seen hunting and they usually had quite a "tummy".

I am attaching some photos that you might want to put on CCF's blog or/and forward to Laurie so I keep my promise.

I also took a few minutes of video which I will share soon.

All the best to you and many greetings


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