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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Chewbaaka's Celebration of Life

Dear Friend,

It has been a sad couple of days here at CCF with the loss of Chewbaaka. Thank you for your kind words for me and all of us here at CCF.

We have received so many messages and emails honouring his legacy and reading them has brought us great consolation and our consolations go out to you as well.

We had a memorial service for Chewbaaka today for all our staff and we felt that all of you were with us, as we read many of your comments to us.

He lived a great life and taught many people from around the world about his species’ fight for survival. While his death is sad, his legacy is to be celebrated, and now we will carry on his message to further inform and educate the people of Namibia and around the world.

He will always be in our hearts, here is a wonderful poem by CCF’s Matti Nghikembua.

We follow in your tracks – Chewbaaka

Chirp chirp the cheetah cub calling aloud to this world.
Sitting in the trap, oh what happened, chirping louder as he could
Wondering what happened to his perfect world
And mom is nowhere but the tracks are leading to the savannah
Laurie Marker was on call that day and heard of you.
She took you home - no more an orphan.
Ever since then you were known as Chewbaaka
In Namibia and beyond you are forever the best of all.
The cheetah athlete running on the field
I wanna be like you to arrive there on time.
The taxis are so slow so give me a ride
Chewbaaka is running for his survival and we are watching
Leaving a mirage and tracks on the field so we are reminded.
The storms are so high and tracks so fragile
These tracks will never fade away.
Allow my confessions the first time we met
I was afraid of you because they warned me a cat with spots is dangerous
So let’s follow his tracks wherever they go

Matti T. Nghikembua, 20th March 2011



  1. Bernie and I are filled with sorrow, but we are grateful that there was a Chewbaaka and that we got to meet him and learn of his legacy.

    Look for Chewbaaka's spirit at the play tree. If he is not there, he is walking at Laurie's side.


  2. Anonymous7:13 am

    Toutes mes pensées sont pour vous en ces tristes jours. Vous êtes une équipe formidable. Courage à vous tous. Micheline

    All my thoughts are for you in these sad days. You're a great team. Courage all of you. Micheline

  3. Anonymous7:32 am

    In the presence of Chewbaaka the Cheetah

    Your beauty, your grace, your tenacious pace.
    I revere your presence.

    Your strength, your stride, in the grasses you hide.
    I revere your presence.

    Your speed, your patience, your perseverance.
    I revere your presence.

    Your loyalty, your honor, your noble spirit.
    I revere your presence.

    Your healing purr, your spotted fur.
    I revere your presence.

    Your gentle nature, your spacious heart.
    I revere your presence.

    My passion, my soul, my grief, my tears.
    I revere your presence.

    My joy, my happiness, my love, my essence.
    Forever I revere, your majestic presence.

  4. "The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die." May the memory of Chewbaaka continue to inspire, teach and enlighten people around the world.

  5. Steven2:41 am

    I'm sorry that I never got the chance to meet Chewbaaka. He sounds like he was a great cheetah.