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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Intern Story - Julien Lehoux

Hi, my name is Julien Lehoux. I am a French vet student in my fourth year at The Veterinary School of Nantes (ONIRIS). I decided to do a 6-week internship at CCF to have a first hand experience in wildlife conservation and veterinary medicine.

My project here was to put in place a meat inspection protocol for the CCF abattoir to try and minimize the likelihood of any CCF resident cheetahs contracting a food borne disease. Working with CCF’s Namibian workers was, for me, a great experience as it improved my professional repertoire when interacting with people rather than with animals. I also got to spend time in CCF’s Vet Clinic being involved in many things: cheetah health checks, x-rays on Stitch’s elbow (a young cheetah at CCF who has bone problems), and dental work on Shadow (CCF’s oldest cheetah). I had the opportunity to take care of CCF’s other animals; dogs, goats and horses and I learned a lot about conservation not only of the cheetah but of many other species as well.

I met a lot of wonderful people here from all over the world (South Africa, Europe, Japan, China, America), which is another reason why CCF is such an amazing place. I hope I will come back in Namibia and CCF one day to spend more time in this beautiful country and with the cheetahs!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Hello Julien,
    Un grand bonjour de Savoie en souvenir de notre rencontre au ccf en Juillet (et de Caroline)
    Bon courage pour la suite de vos études et qui sait, peut être se reverra-t-on sur le territoire français ou en Namibie.
    Brigitte et Alain