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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

CCF talks to fourth graders at Eros Primary School in Windhoek

Aletris Neils with the Eros Primary School's fourth-grade class.
CCF staff visited the Eros Primary school in Windhoek last week. CCF's Gail Potgieter and Aletris Neils spoke to 180 fourth graders about the cheetah and CCF's work. During the visit, the kids presented CCF with funds they raised as part of their conservation week. The school trip was coordinated by teacher and former CCF volunteer, Cindy Botha. Bravo Cindy and all the kids at Eros!
Gail and Aletris are presented with donations raised by the Eros Primary School 4th graders.
Children are the future stewards of our planet. CCF's youth education programs are a crucial element as they build awareness to the plight of the cheetah and to the many solutions that can be implemented for peaceful co-existence with predators. Please support this and other important programs with a donation this December!


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