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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

12 of CCF's Dairy Goats Confirmed Pregnant!

Last Friday the CCF vet team, assisted by volunteers, scanned 14 of CCF’s breeding dairy goats to find out if they were pregnant or not. Out of the 14, 12 of them are confirmed pregnant. This is a simple quick procedure requiring no sedation.

The ultrasound is a perfect tool to identify the foetuses. Only two of the goats did not indicate pregnancy; however this could be a little early on the gestation period to be able to detect the foetus. We will re-ultrasound these two goats in about a month.

Thanks so much to BCF Technology Ltd in the UK for discounting the price of this very useful machine, and to CCF supporter Mark C. for purchasing it and donating it to us!

Performing ultrasound on a cheetah at the CCF Clinic.
Rosie Glazier, DVN 

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