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Friday, 19 August 2011

Final Count: >4500 Animals; 27 Species!

We have just completed all our annual game counts for 2011! During the strip and waterhole counts we recorded over 4500 animals from 27 different species. We had another rhino sighing during our strip counts as well as an aardvark in broad daylight and a male ostrich with chicks.

Volunteers have been so valuable in helping enter and check all the data collected. We hope to start the analysis soon. We have now begun estimating the visibility at either side of the strip count routes to help us determine strip width, which we use in one of the methods to calculate animal densities.

All our on-going research is continuing along nicely. The camera traps continue to take photos of cheetah at play trees as well as many other animals, Hi-Fi is still being monitored on a regular basis and has been hanging around CCF a few days this week. And our monthly game counts are happening with the help of the current Earthwatch team and other volunteers.

We have also welcomed a new year-long volunteer, Suzie, who is going to be helping mainly the ecology department. She will be assisting us with camera trapping but will also have a project of her own. We will keep you updated.



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