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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Klein's treatment continues

At the dentist
On 22 August, Klein, an 11-year old male cheetah, went to see the dentist for several root canal treatments on his canine teeth. as you know, Klein also has an ongoing condition called dermatitis, or inflammation of the skin, caused in his case by a Herpes virus infection. The skin problem is mainly on his left front and left back legs, and he has been being treated for this condition for over two years now. Various treatments have been tried, and the problem will get better and worse and better again over time.

Klein getting his cryotherapy treatment.
Currently Klein has a bad flare-up of the skin inflammation with secondary bacterial infection as well, and so he was also treated with cryotherapy during his dental appointment. Cryotherapy actually freezes the skin cells that are abnormal and inflamed, and helps the normal skin cells underneath to heal and replace the damaged cells. Hopefully after the cryotherapy and with proper antibiotic and anti-Herpes virus treatment, his skin will eventually heal completely.


Gabriella Flacke, DVM, MVSc

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  1. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Poor klein ! hope he'll be better in few time from now !!