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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Another birth at CCF: Susie, a dairy goat, gives birth.

Susie, a dairy goat of the herd at CCF gave birth to a healthy female kid yesterday.The little new-born will stay with Susie until about a week old, at which point CCF staff will bottle feed her to allow the milk from Susie to be used in CCF's cheese-making process.
Joeh, goat kraal manager, with Susie and her new-born female kid.
This is the fourth dairy goat born at CCF in 2011.

Rosie Glazier, DVN
Veterinary Nurse

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  1. Good job!! My brother and the wife have a farm. They have bunch of goats. I used to visit them almost everyday! I miss seeng their goats! They have done a great job with breeding! BTW, congrats!! :):)