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Friday, 20 July 2012

Wild male cheetah trapped on game farm is received at CCF

On 18 July we received a telephone call from a game farmer to the south of CCF who was having perceived game loss to a cheetah.  He had trapped the cheetah in a cage trap, ready for us to transfer to a large transport wooden box for secure transit back to CCF.


The next day, we performed a veterinary examination on the approximately 18 month-old male cheetah.  He was anaesthetised and brought to the clinic for sample collection, including blood, hair, skin, scat and ectoparasites, as well as full body measurements.  A transponder and an ear tag were placed onto the individual; the ear tag will tell us that we have worked on him at CCF if he is seen on camera-trap footage in the future.  He received vaccinations and Frontline treatment, as he will be housed at CCF in the interim until released once again into the wild once a suitable site has been determined. 


This young cheetah is in very good condition, except for a few superficial wounds on the pads of his paws and scratches sustained from the capture cage.  The veterinary procedure went smoothly, and after recovery, he was placed in a holding pen later in the day and fed before we left him for the night.  Today, 20 July, he is looking calm and has eaten well.  We shall update you on his progress.


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