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Saturday, 6 June 2009

NamibRand Boys - update as of 4/June

It's been a difficult week in NRNR. For those of you who don't know, one of our other newly released cheetahs (Tisha), who was let out on May 24th, was killed by a Spotted Hyena a few days ago. Much of the monitoring focus has as a result switched to Tisha's sister; Shanti. In the meantime, the boys have been causing a few distractions of their own.

Ra although fully recovered from his injuries, seems to be spending increasing amounts of time away from the other boys. After a successful oryx kill, the other four returned to the pens, but Ra stayed behind. A day or two later, and finally back, Ra approached James and the fence repair team very closely and was very difficult to discourage - possibly hoping for another food handout (as he received when he was recovering from his injuries). In the meantime, the others slipped into the large enclosure and are proving difficult to extract.

Despite these relatively minor problems however, they are continuing to hunt very successfully and regularly. How far they might roam without the presence of the captive females however, is impossible to be certain of.


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