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Monday, 22 June 2009

NamibRand Update: 22/6/2009

It’s strange to think, but actually there was very little seen in the way of cheetahs today. At least for me anyway. Then again, it’s been a strange day altogether. I saw the boys this morning and they where just hanging around the pens still, as usual. So, off Paul and I went to try and find Shanti. We got nothing along the main road again or in Moringa or around the Draaihoek area. So, back we went to try and prepare for building the Capture Boma.

It looks like all the materials we need are here and it should be no problem to build. We’ve even got a cage here so we won’t need one brought down from CCF, just the boxes. This is great news. If I can get it in place soon, and get Misty and Rosy to start getting accustomed to it before I go, they should be a lot less wary of it by the time it come to actually box them. The plan was to start building today but that’s when the rains started! In the middle of winter, and it was pouring down here for awhile. We had to postpone and instead, Corris and I went out looking for Shanti again. Still nothing after a couple of hours and I’m really starting to get frustrated and apprehensive. I’m certain she’s ok but I just want to know if she’s still in the Reserve or not… I now don’t think she’s crossed over the hills but instead may have travelled north along the edge of the hills. I really don’t know. Of course, the weather was so bad today as well; I highly doubt they got any aerial tracking done. I haven’t heard from Flo yet but I’m sure I would have by now if they’d found something.

On a happier note though, Mike and Ann had some friends over today and they went out for a drive this evening. I got a call from Mike on the radio as they found the males just on the other side of Dino Hill, tucking into a feast. Mike believes that it is another young Zebra, but I’ll need to wait until I’ve got the light in the morning to find out.



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  1. Anonymous9:52 pm

    I would like to thank you so much for your input; watch for it all of the time.
    Nancy Valentine