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Sunday, 21 June 2009

NamibRand Report: 19/6/2009 & 20/6/2009

It’s good to be back in the Reserve and getting back to work. A few grey hairs later, and I think I may have finally got a fix on Shanti. The signal is weak but it is the first audible signal I’ve got since being back. I think she’s still in the Moringa Valley area and seems to be fairly settled there as even when I was up at CCF, that’s where the others found her each day. I’m extremely pleased she hasn’t yet ventured over the hills too far, and I’m going to continue to track her from a distance as not to push her at all. If the opportunity to get a sighting presents itself, I’ll take it but only with caution. She’s still too unstable to harass at the moment I think, and hope you all agree. Let’s see what I can come up with tomorrow… (the map is of Shanti’s whereabouts)

The males on the other hand, are still doing extremely well and since their last kill (Monday evening, presumably another young Zebra), have eaten again. This time I’m certain they’ve gone back to bigger game as the poor guys were so full last night they could barely move. Even today they hardly did a thing, opting to spend the day resting as opposed to doing anything that requires movement. This evening however, they did manage to drag themselves around to the other side of the fence to say hi to Misty and Rosy.

That’s it for now, but when I get more you’ll be the first to know. Thanks, -James

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