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Monday, 22 June 2009

NamibRand update: 21/6/2009

Ok, I’m going to be completely honest here. I have no idea where Shanti is. After a massive search today all over the Moringa area (including climbing to the top of three VERY high peaks in different locations) we couldn’t get even the slightest of signals. I could even pick up all of the Boys and Girls from here, probably at a distance of nearly 15kms away. So, I think she’s possibly hiding deep in the rocks (obscuring the radio signal), her collar’s given up or she’s moved off into a completely different area. Where that may be is anyone’s guess… Luckily, the guys are doing some aerial tracking tomorrow and I’ve managed to convince them to go out and look for Shanti as well. I’ve got high hopes they’ll pick her up and I’ll be able to track her down from there.

The boys are still living the lazy life, having done very little today. Then again, they’re still pretty full and it is a Sunday so you can’t really blame them. They were starting to move back towards the Keerweder Pan as of this evening though, so perhaps they’ll go explore or even hunt again soon. I’m very happy with their condition. All five now look to be in prime condition, putting on a lot of weight and building muscle mass quickly. They really are doing great out here. They should slow down on their eating however; I don’t want them to grow out of their collars or anything!

Tomorrow will also be a big day, as we start building the trap cage to take back Misty and Rosy. It’s so much easier to release cheetahs than it is to (re)capture them but the plan looks good and I’m very confident we can have it built in a short time. I still need the measurements for the trap though, so the sooner I can get them the better!

That’s all for today. Hope everybody had a great weekend and if anyone has the score for the Lions vs. Springboks Game yesterday, please email me. Well, only if the Springboks won. Thanks,


Note from Patricia:

Misty and Rosy are coming back to CCF after they have done their job keeping the boys within the Reserve for nearly six months. Misty and Rosy are not eligible to be re-introduced into the wild mainly because of the long time they have been in captivity.

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