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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sad news from NamibRand

We've had some tragic news from James down in NamibRand. After a couple of days of no sightings, James finally located Tisha close to the Boscia waterhole. She had been attacked and killed by a Spotted Hyena, probably shortly after feeding. Hyenas, like lions and baboons, are some of the cheetahs’ natural enemies. James recovered the remains, and the still functioning satellite collar.

James believes that Tisha was probably killed a couple of days before he found her body. The rocky environment made it difficult to get a good signal, and because of their continued nervousness, a decision had been made to hang back for a day or two anyway.

Shanti on the other hand seems to be doing extremely well, and given her continued fitness, has almost certainly hunted something for herself.


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