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Monday, 18 October 2010

Cheetah Husbandry Update 11-17 Oct-10

All of our cats this past week are in good health, and appear thankful for the heat lift!

This week was quite interesting for two of our Centre Pen males, Ron (photo) and LittleC.  LittleC is typically the king of his pen, shared with Ron and brothers Smart and Blonde (aka Ndunge and Shunga), and tensions have been rising between the older Ron and LittleC over the past few months.  This past Monday, Ron had enough.  He snapped at LittleC’s neck, taking a chunk of fur away in his mouth, and proceeded to chase LittleC the entire length of the pen, around the yard, before LittleC ran into the fence line.  Thankfully neither was seriously injured, except maybe LittleC’s pride.  Since that fateful morning the boys have calmed down, and LittleC still tries to steal Ron’s food at feeding time… I guess we will see if he has another lesson coming to him!

Soraya, Phoenix, and Quasar are proving to be our next Star runners!  While running this past week, the keepers were amazed how fast these youngsters ran.  The keepers are eagerly awaking the return of one of our volunteer Goran to see if he can ‘speed-up’ the machine, then we can really see these beautiful creatures fully extend their strides.




  1. Kate,
    Thanks for the updates. Miss you guys!

  2. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Thank you Kate!