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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Livestock Guarding Dog Puppies Go to Work

Two more livestock guarding dogs were placed with Namibian communal farmers on Saturday the 23rd of October. The farms were visited before puppy day to ensure that the puppies’ new homes would be suitable and to meet the farmers that would take care of them. These two farmers (photo: Mr. Kavari and Mr. Katuuo) are from the eastern parts of Namibia. They had reported stock losses to cheetahs and other predators, including wild dogs and had applied to CCF for dogs to put with their livestock.

As usual, during puppy day, the farmers were trained on how to care for and train their new puppies to become successful guarding dogs (on photo: Gail training the farmers). They were further provided with information to take home on training livestock guarding dogs, predator-friendly farming practices and ways to reduce livestock losses to cheetahs and other predators. Both farmers were eager to learn about using guarding dogs effectively and selected their respective puppies from a litter of five.

The other three puppies will be placed on suitable farms in the near future.


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