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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Finding the right farms for CCF's Livestock Guarding Dogs

CCF’s Education Officer Gebhardt Nikanor, “Gebs,” just came back from visiting farmers that applied for a livestock guarding dog from CCF to protect their small livestock (archive photo - Gebs talking to a farmer). CCF evaluates farms to ensure that puppies are placed only in farms with good infrastructure, healthy animals and a full-time herder. Out of the seven farms visited, five were approved to receive livestock guarding puppies. These puppies will be given away on 23rd of October. Before receiving puppies, all farmers are given a short training on how to raise and train the dogs.

During this trip, Gebs also conducted outreach programs to schools in Herero east, close to the farms that were evaluated. In total eight schools were visited in the area and a total of 3371 learners were talked to. The learners were from grade 5 – 9. 

Please remember that all this work cannot be accomplished without funding, and funding comes from people who, like you, care about cheetahs and believe that they deserve an opportunity to be protected from extinction. You can help by making a donation here!


  1. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Just a question, I am from Europe, what is the age of children 5-9?
    and thanks you very much for these naws about CCF and its works

  2. Hi Anonymous: those are 5th to 9th grades, so generally they would be somewhere between 10-14 years old, depending on when they started 1st grade.