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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Livestock guarding dogs at CCF

Anyone who knows about CCF and the conservation work we do here in Namibia is probably aware of our Livestock Guarding Dog Programme. But for those of you who may be new to us, let me explain a little more...

Here at CCF we breed Anatolian Shepherd dogs which have been used for thousands of years in Turkey to protect goats and sheep from predators. This successful programme has been helping to save wild cheetah in Namibia since 1994. By working with local farmers and their livestock, using the dogs is one of several non-lethal predator management strategies that we have developed.

The dogs are attentive, trustworthy and, most important of all, protective. In Africa, the dogs protect against large and medium-sized cat species and small canids. Upon spotting a predator, the dog places itself between the predator and its livestock ‘family’ and barks very loudly. This disturbs the stalk-ambush technique of the predator and makes the livestock aware of the danger. Big dogs are imposing and most predators will avoid the risk of injury and find supper somewhere else!

Stay tuned for more blogs on the trips I take around Namibia to check up on the dogs we have bred that are working with farmers in the field to protect livestock against predators such as the cheetah.

Best wishes,

Anja Bradley

Livestock Guarding Dog Project Officer

Cheetah Conservation Fund

All photos copyright (c) Cheetah Conservation Fund 2012


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