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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

New dart gun donated!

Recently CCF was very fortunate to have a brand new, top of the line Dan Inject dart gun donated to us by Mike and Rebecca Ross, of DanInject in the USA.  It arrived at CCF on May 25th, and although we haven’t had any cheetahs that have required darting for immobilization since we acquired the gun, yesterday the veterinary staff had their first practice session, darting a cardboard box with a target drawn on it.  Our previous darting system was quite antiquated and had some technical problems, so the acquisition of this amazing piece of immobilization equipment will make it much easier, more reliable, and safer to dart animals here at CCF.  We are very grateful to the generosity of our donors, and will be sure to post another update when the dart gun is actually used to immobilize a cheetah.  Thank you so much from CCF to Mike and Rebecca.

Pictured are:
Johan, CCF Farms Manager, learning how to use the gun
Dr. Gabriella Flacke, CCF veterinarian, taking a practice shot
Rosie, CCF veterinary nurse, aiming at the target

Best wishes,

Dr Gabriella Flacke DMV
Cheetah Conservation Fund

Photos copyright © Cheetah Conservation Fund 2012

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