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Monday, 15 November 2010

Cheetahs' Update from Keeper Kate - 9-15 Nov 2010

Wild Mum update – she has finished taking her anti-biotics and appears to be doing well. Keeper staff have not seen any swelling or bleeding from the cavity, thus the staff is hopeful her upcoming dental visit on Friday will go well. (Read about her visit to the dentist here.)

Tiny Rohini has become more comfortable approaching the ‘feeding spoon’ during cheetah runs. She always delights our visitors with her beautiful running display. Now she has been entertaining people with her ‘charming’ demeanour. She is still hesitant around groups of people, but is very food motivated. Whenever she sees Harry and Hermione sitting, receiving treats, Tiny Rohini decides she doesn’t want to miss out on the fun. Instead of sitting patiently like Harry and Hermione, she will slink over to the spoon, hiss/growl, take the food, and run a few steps away before starting the whole process over again. Her feisty character is quickly gaining her favour among all who meet her.

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  1. Thanks! Your descriptive updates allow us to feel as though the cats are a part of our extended families.

  2. William Dixon11:29 pm

    Nice photo kate

  3. That's a female for you, knows how to get what she wants... and with style!

  4. I do love these cheetah updates and photos! Keep up the great work, CCF.

  5. Glad she is coming along. She has so been on my mind.