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Friday, 5 November 2010

Dartmouth Students Visit 4th November 2010

A group of students from Dartmouth College in the U.S. recently enjoyed a fun and educational day here at CCF. Students from Dartmouth have visited us for several years and we always enjoy their visit. They are a bright, inquisitive group and we appreciate their genuine, heartfelt interest. The day was a non-stop whirl wind of activity learning about the cheetah and the genetic, educational and ecology work done at CCF.

CCF's dog handler, Carolyn Whitesell (with Isha) discussing the techniques used to train dogs to sniff out scat.
The day started with an early morning cheetah run with Blonde Man, Smart Man, Ron and Little C and a scat-finding demonstration by our scat-sniffing dogs, Finn and Isha.
After successfully finding cheetah scat, Finn sits waiting for his reward.
Gail then introduced them to the new puppies Aleya and Cappuccino (Ushi's puppy) who live in the goat kraal with the goats and sheep. She talked about the Livestock Guarding Dog Programme and the dog’s role in keeping predators away from goats and sheep. A short visit to the OK Clan cubs Peter, Senay, Tiger Lily and Kaijay made the group very happy and the cubs were equally curious about their new friends.

The students are currently on a trip through South Africa and Namibia studying the relationship and conflicts that exist between human development and conservation.

That’s all from Namibia.

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