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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Cheetah Keeper Update

All our cats this past week continue to be in good health, and adjusting to the rising temperature.

This week we welcomed back Laurie, and as you already heard from her, it would not have been a complete welcome home without a call from a farmer from the Hochfeld region with three cheetahs ready for pick-up. Click here for the full story.

Meantime, our captive cats by the centre also have some interesting new neighbours, a pair of adult male warthogs!  Normally staff members would chase off these males to avoid fights between the cats and the pigs, except neither cat nor pig seem bothered by the close proximity to one another.  Eland girls Sandy, Dusty, Blondi, and Samantha can be seen lounging in the shade just 20 meters from the two males only to pick their heads up to watch the boys forage, before placing their heads back on the ground and continue their cat nap.  Even young, feisty Tiny has become accustomed to her new friends, and only watches them from afar. 

We will try to send some photos!



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