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Monday, 28 March 2011

Anne updates us on Chewbaaka.

Hi everyone!

In Laurie’s absence (she left for the UK yesterday), I want to update you on our beloved Mr. C:

He ate very well on Sunday afternoon, he took all his food easily from our vet Anna; she really does have the technique down very well.

Unfortunately in the evening Chewbaaka looked very tired and weak despite the fact that he had received all the attention, food and care that we could during the day. In the evening we gave him his subcutaneous fluids and had Ansgar (Earthwatch volunteer and pediatrician) help us with it and take his heart rate --it was 128. This is in the lower range of a normal heart rate at rest, so we are happy with that. Chewbaaka seems to be very stable with his heart rate over the days.

This morning Bruce and Anna moved Chewbaaka, he seemed weaker than the other days, but we put him up with a heating blanket and Anna fed him 400g of chicken and liver. Chewbaaka put up much more resistance this morning, but with a lot of dedication from Anna’s side he ate it all.

We are keeping an eye on him and Anna will feed him again at lunchtime. We will keep you posted.

Dr. Anne Schmidt-Küntzel



  1. Thanks for the update. This news is a worry but I am so happy that he has such loving care.
    nancy v

  2. Anne,
    Thanks so much for the update. I have been following Chewbaaka's progress closely since leaving CCF last week. You are all providing him such fantastic care-he's a very lucky cheetah. Miss being there and look forward to hearing more on his progress. Please give everyone my best.
    Kris Bazos