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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Kangal news from CCF

We have some very sad news for you regarding Cazgir, one of the two Kangals donated to CCF in 2008 thanks to our Dutch partner, the SPOTS Foundation.

Spots and Cazgir with Laurie, Armas and Simone Eckhardt (SPOTS Foundation) after their arrival at CCF
You might recall that towards the end of 2010, Kangal female Cazgir was diagnosed with early stages of tongue cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinoma or SCC). Due to this early diagnosis, we estimated that the treatment had a good chance of success. Sadly, despite all our efforts, SCC appears to have won the battle (although we are awaiting the histology results).

Cazgir had not been eating well for a while and was losing condition, so Anna (our veterinarian) took her into the CCF clinic to monitor her closely. Cazgir received great care, was walked and fed a rich diet, and seemed to enjoy the extra care and attention. Unfortunately she started to show signs of respiratory distress. This morning Anna decided to take her into the Otjiwarongo Veterinary Clinic for an X-ray and a second opinion, but Cazgir went downhill very quickly and unfortunately died before we could get her to town, despite the resuscitation efforts.

This is a sad loss. Cazgir was one of the female Kangals whose litters were were hoping to welcome soon. Research on SCC is a crucial part of CCF's work, as  photographic assessment showed that the the number dogs affected with SCC could be as high as or even higher than 30%. Last year we collected over 60 samples from livestock guard dogs throughout Namibia. The data will be analysed to assess prevalence of SCC in the country, repartition, and hopefully give indications regarding risk factors. Another aspect of the this project is the establishment of a DNA bank for future genetic studies related to SCC; therefore, last year we collected blood during a health survey conducted on farms as well as from all puppies that were bred. Please refer to our annual progress reports for more information on this research by clicking here.

On a brighter note, Spots will be moved from Boskop to the CCF centre to become a Kangal ambassadour for our visitors. Spots loves attention and will be staying at the Visitor's Centre during the day, where he will be an active member of our Education programme and greet our guests on arrival.

More news soon!

Anne Schmidt-K√ľntzel

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