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Friday, 11 March 2011

Chewbaaka purrs to all.

Hi! Chewbaaka made it through another day. His blood values are not very good, as his condition has really tasked his kidneys. We continue to fill him full of sub-Q fluids; he was very dehydrated this morning. But then he was a bit stronger during the day. He ate 800 grams of meat today. I stuffed it into his mouth and asked him to swallow –which he did- small amounts several times during the day. With this, we were able to get his kidney meds into him for the second day and also some vitamins.

He began grooming himself a few times today – this was great to see! And then this evening we gave him some more sub-Q fluids. His kidneys shut down some due to the trauma and we are hoping to get this under control to regulate his kidney function again to the level that he was at over the last few months...carefully guarded. So, in a nut shell, he is responding to our care. However, we continue to be very guarded as to his recovery. He is purring and seems to respond to the care we are giving him. He is a very strong and special cheetah.

Thanks for all the concern that is coming to us and I know that everyone is waiting with guarded anticipation of our next communications. I will keep you posted. All else here is OK.

Thanks everyone and many Chewbaaka purrs.



  1. Much love to him.

  2. Laurie, thanks so much for the update. We are all sending good wishes to Chewbaaka!

  3. Anonymous2:08 am

    and many Chewbaaka purrs to you as well! thanks so much for keeping us so up to date.

  4. Anonymous9:31 am

    Je suis très contente d'apprendre que Chewbaaka va mieux, doucement mais surement. Merci Laurie de nous tenir au courant de l'état de santé de Chewbaaka et bravo à vous et à toute votre équipe pour votre travail. Micheline (Belgique)
    I am very happy to learn that Chewbaaka getting better, slowly but surely. Thank you Laurie for keeping us informed about the health of Chewbaaka and congratulations to you and your team for your work. Micheline (Belgium)

  5. Sherri Meyer5:53 pm

    I keep sending him my hope for a recovery. Hope you are keeping up your strength as well, Laurie. Thanks for keeping us filled in.

  6. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Laurie,thanks so much for so many informations about Chewbaaka's health. We follow day after day update .
    We send you and all CCF our wishes
    Bigitte (from French Alps)