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Friday, 11 March 2011

Some relief as Chewbaaka continues a slow recovery process.

A better day with Chewbaaka. He was still groggy this morning and not interested in eating; however he was more alert. He did more around the yard a bit today, though stiffly, but still he walked around some and was able to lay in the sun for a little while. We gave him another 2 litres of sub Q fluids and in the afternoon he got his pain meds that we finally got on special order from Windhoek (they are mild on his kidneys). Around 4pm I was able to force feed him ~300 gr of meat and he has a hard time swallowing once I stuff it into his mouth. The pain meds sort of knocked him out.

We had a really heavy rain storm so we had to get him back to the patio. We put him on a blanket and carried him on the blanket – this was very strange as Chewbaaka was groggy enough to let us do it. I never would have thought that I would be doing this with/for him. He is sleeping soundly right now.

This evening, as we head to bed, we feel as if we are on top on things: pain under control, antibiotics under control, and getting him to eat some – a positive.

On another note, our international course are another great group of people. I look forward to working more with them during the next couple weeks.

Good night and hope all is OK with all of you.


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  1. Good night. I hope you all get a good nights rest and feel much better tomorrow! Thank you.