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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Chewbaaka recovering slowly...fingers crossed!

HI – Another long day. Chewbaaka slept most of the day which would be of course normal due to his age with anesthesia. However, this meant that he really did not want to drink much or eat. He seems more calm with his wounds as they may feel better (but still sore). He got long acting antibiotics which we were able to get from Windhoek yesterday. But, overall he was very weak. In the late afternoon I was able to give him some meat – force feeding -where I just put the meat bits in his mouth and made his swallow them –this worked quite well and overall was able to give him about 300gm this afternoon (remember he is used to eating 2kg of meat daily –so this is a small amount). In addition, this evening he was very dehydrated and we gave him another 3 liters of Sub Q fluids. He is sleeping more comfortably than most of the day today. We are hopeful that tomorrow he will be feeling a bit better.

Thanks to everyone for all your good thoughts. Chewbaaka is a strong old boy and seems to still have a will to keep going.

Will keep you posted tomorrow.



  1. Hang in there, Chewbaaka... Thinking of you!

  2. Keep going darling boy.

  3. Our thoughts are with you dear old friend!

  4. Anonymous10:08 am

    Mille merci pour cette bonne nouvelle. Affectueusement. Micheline

    A thousand thank you for this good news. Affectionately. Micheline

  5. Continuing to send love and healing energy, Laurie - to Chewbaaka and you and all the crew at CCF. What a wild, full, challenging time this has been for you! I just read many entries from your blog and am inspired by YOUR incredible spirit, well as Chewbaaka's! Hello to Bruce, too!

  6. Chewbaaca, feel our love and strength and try hard to stay with us.
    nancy v

  7. Anonymous6:53 pm

    My thoughts and prayers for Chewbaaka are with you all, Laurie. I hope you are right that he is improving. I just read the earlier post about Cruise -- very, very sad news, but euthanasia was necessary given the spread of his cancer and the many current complications from that. I too had fed him on my visits. Do the other cheetahs in his area realize he is gone? -- Sherri Meyer