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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Chewbaaka, Cruise, arts, courses...CCF update from Laurie.

We went to Otjiwarongo with three lady volunteers (two CCF and one Earthwatch. We visited six schools as part of an arts programme we are developing for Otji. The ladies talked at the schools and picked up artwork from them for an art exposition that will be held on Friday at the Otjiwarongo Art Centre from 5 to 7pm! Then we met all the other art students at the Art Centre for collection of paintings and more painting. I also meet with about 15 ladies who will be doing embroideries for CCF. Very nice quality.

We then took Crosby (one of the young male cheetahs that came to CCF last year) to the dentist. He he had a broken molar that we discovered a week ago Saturday when we worked him and his two brothers up, since we are getting ready to send them to another facility here in Namibia. Our dentist, Dr. Profit, did a great job as always. One of our CCF volunteers, who is a retired dentist and has done work on animals, was also with us. Crosby is doing great.

Good news. Chewbaaka is looking a bit better today; he ate more and defecated some. Still very sore, but each day is a blessing. Cruise, on the other hand, is not looking very good. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year, and and we think it has metastasised throughout his body.

Gail explaining international course participants how to identify a livestock kill.
We have a group of 28 Namibian conservancy game guards here for the next four days going through an Integrated Livestock, Wildlife and Predator conflict course. Gail and Gebs are leading this. In the meantime, we are also getting ready for our next international Conservation Biology course. About 20 students from different cheetah-range countries will be joining us for the next month as of Sunday. The last course just left on Sunday and they were great!

So.. just another day at CCF.


  1. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Laurie I am so sorry for the sad news...! I shared with all the Italian friends...they all think of you...
    Love to all of you,

  2. Laurie, my thoughts are with you and Chewbaaka every day. Chewbaaka is a friend to all who meet him but mostly to cheetahs. His beauty and grace teaches us about what wonderful creatures they are and brings us gently into their world. I always feel that I have a secret, I have touched a cheetah and a cheetah has touched me.