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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Chewbaaka doing better; Persian New Year; Goats; Dogs... Laurie's update.

Hi! It’s been a hectic two days.

To begin with, Chewbaaka is doing better than he was a couple of days ago. We got his blood results after the Independence Day holidays (everything closes at this time...glad I wasn't sick!). We found a high white cell count (infection) and low red blood cell count (anemic), so are re-balancing him with antibiotics and iron (liver and a nutrient supplement). Yesterday we stopped the pain meds but are still giving him fluids and he had a great poop – which is so important. He seems to be responding and his legs are healing. He still won’t eat on his own but is drinking very well. He always purrs with us and has been more active. Although we are still guarded in our prognosis, we are more optimistic and hopeful that we have his issues under control.

It has been great having Kris and Jayne Bazos here from Chicago as they are learning everything about CCF and have given good thoughts to Mr. C.

On Tuesday night we had a belated celebration of the Persian New Year (which coincided with our Namibian Independence Day on Monday). The Iranian delegation attending our international course did an amazing presentation on the different aspects of the New Year! It was a very beautiful evening. Yesterday, our international course participants left for their field trip to Damaraland for interviews with the conservancy in Sesfontein. However, after nearly eight hours and being almost there, they were turned back due to flash floods in the desert, so they are now spending the night in Grootberg at the Conservancy offices – about 50 miles from their intended destination. More on this tomorrow since the Sesfontein has organised farmers' meetings with CCF and the course participants.

I had to say goodbye to them because I am leaving for the UK before they come back. It was sad; I won't see some of them again until I visit their countries, but hopefully I will see some of them at the airport when I return from the UK on the 3 April. Coincidentally, 3 April was when I arrived in Namibia, in 1991, to save the wild cheetah, with my two dogs, 14 trunks and six duffel bags!

On our goat front, we received four new dairy goats from a local farmer. They will add to our bloodlines and we are interested in increasing diversity as well as adding more milking goats to our herd. Our CCF cheeses are being sold in Spars (our local supermarket) and at local B&Bs – and everyone loves them including all our staff and visitors.

And on the livestock guard dog front, Penda just come into heat and we've put her in with male Amos. We hope for puppies in the next few months! This may be our only litter this year as our other dogs are too young.

All else here is going OK although busy as ever! But I wanted everyone to know that Mr. C. is doing better than we can believe, however, still under very supervised medical attention.



  1. Relief ! All of us -cheetahs and CCF lovers- all over the world have been waiting for such news. Yeaaah ! I think i will sleep tonight...

    thanks Laurie, thanks everyone in CCF

    Dimitris Karagiannakis

  2. Thanks Laurie for this very encouraging news. I'm looking forward to attending one of your talks whilst you are in the UK, at Paradise Wildlife Park.

    Hopefully there will be more good Chewbakka news on your return to Namibia!

    Carly Tetley,
    Manchester, UK

  3. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Thanks Laurie for these good news...and I confirm, ccf cheeses are very good, we tested them last year at Babson House!
    Have a good trip Laurie!
    Brigitte and Alain

  4. Such happy news. Your love and hard work has paid off for Chewbaaka and for all of us who hold him so dear.
    nancy v