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Thursday, 31 March 2011

A good Chewbaaka day!

After having had a very rough day yesterday, Chewbaaka surprised us this morning. He started off by greeting Bruce with a purr (he didn't purr at all yesterday) and then he decided to lap the blended meat Anna (our veterinarian) had prepared for him, and he had more of it over the day; in total he had more food today than any of the days in the last several weeks, and of course he got his SC fluids in the evening.

Yesterday we were so worried about him: he seemed to have lost his good attitude and categorically refused to eat (all we could do is to give him IV glucose which Anna managed to administer in the morning).

Sorry we did not update Chewbaaka's friends and supporters yesterday, we wanted to see how he progressed before worrying everybody even more. We need to keep in mind that although today was a relatively good day for Chewbaaka, we do need to stay very cautious not to be too optimistic as his prognosis remains guarded and he is still very weak from his long struggle, but he certainly is a fighter, and we do all we can to help him in his fight.

With Chewbaaka purrs for all,

Anne Schmidt-K√ľntzel


  1. I'm glad he managed to eat something today, and thank you for your discretion on holding back yesterday's bad news and tempering it with some good news today. How is his pain level now? Is the bruising looking better?

  2. Hi Phaewryn, pain diminishes slightly on a daily basis, as is the bruising. Our concern also has to do with his kidney problems. Thanks, Patricia