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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Cruise euthanised, but Chewbaaka stabilising.

Dear Friends...Sorry for this news.

We had to euthanise Cruise today. He was showing no improvement so we darted him to bring him into the clinic for examination and an ultra sound, as we thought that his problems were complications due to his history with testicular cancer discovered last year. Unfortunately, the examination revealed a huge elongated tumor along his spermatic cord which we think had blocked his ureters causing an enlarged bladder. There was also a large fluid build up in his stomach. Sadly euthanasia was the only decision to be made. We will conduct a full necropsy on him tomorrow morning.

Chewbaaka is stabilising a bit. He ate small amounts of food during the day and we got a good fecal sample from him last night. We continue to be hopeful; however his legs are still very damaged and he continues to be very unstable and sore on his rear legs. In addition, an eye problem may be manifesting, possibly caused by trauma.
Two of the OK cubs: Kayjay and Senay.
On the brighter side, the OK cubs had their first day in the big yard by the Education Centre and seemed to have a good time running around in this new area. We thought we'd share a recent picture of them for a smile. Also, our farmer’s course is doing well today.

Cheetah purrs to all,



  1. Aw Laurie I am so sorry. I helped feed Cruise along with Phil. I remember going into the pen and Cruise hissing and posturing... so scary for me at first. then Phil walked toward him talking calmly showing me Cruise was just putting on a show for us. Cruise stopped, looked at us & walked away. Lots of good memories.

  2. Anonymous10:27 pm

    So sad, remember Cruise from my visit as Earthwatch volunteer. May he rest peacefull.