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Monday, 14 March 2011

Chewbaaka eating more!

Another hopeful day watching Chewbaaka. We were able to give him ~1200 gr of meat today – during 3 feedings – as well as getting all his kidney meds and vitamins into him. He is now on an oral pain medicine vs. injectable. His kidneys are still not functioning very well so he got more sub Q fluids this evening. He is alert and resting peacefully. I was able to pull blood from him this evening and will know more about his blood values by late tomorrow we hope.

It poured rain today – we call it 'dam filling rain'! Meantime, our international course participants are doing well and tomorrow they will participate in the work up of the three male Scars –Phil, Tony and Mischief- for their annual checkups and vaccinations.


All the best and thanks for all the good thoughts for Chewbaaka. Please keep them up.

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  1. Anonymous8:56 am

    En lisant la mise à jour sur l'état de santé de Chewbaaka, je sais que cette journée sera magnifique. Je continuerai à avoir une pensée pour lui et j'espère que de jour en jour, son état s'améliorera. Courage à vous tous. Micheline

    In reading the update on the health of Chewbaaka, I know that this day will be magnificent. I will continue to have a thought for him and I hope that every day, his condition improves. Luck to you all.